Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority sisters celebrate linesister before she goes into surgery

Credit: Shannon Nicole Thompson

Credit: Shannon Nicole Thompson

Linesisters from Phi Pi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. sing encouragement while practicing social distancing

Despite uncertain times and social distancing due to coronavirus, one group of friends -- who are also sorority sisters -- went above and beyond to keep their linesister encouraged.

Channel 2 Action News reported Stacy Franklin was scheduled to get surgery at Northside Hospital Wednesday for cancer which had metastasized.

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She’s been quarantined as she undergoes chemotherapy, and her daughter and grandkids had a surprise for her.

“My grandkids kept yelling my name like, ‘Come here, we want to show you something!’” Franklin, who lives in Fayette County, told Channel 2.

The Shade Room reported Franklin's daughter, Shannon Thompson, recorded as Franklin's linesisters from the Phi Pi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. stood outside their front door. They sang Norman Hutchins' "God's Got a Blessing (with My Name on It!)," personalizing lyrics to Franklin.

“They brought pretty much a church service to my front lawn,” Franklin said. “Staying 6 feet apart from each other, 50 feet from my doorstep.”

Thompson, who is also a member of the sorority, shared a video of the surprise on Instagram, where it has more than 17,600 page views.

“In the midst of this quarantine craziness, my mom's linesisters found a way to show their support, make her smile and keep her fighting! She has been having a rough couple of days - the side effects from her medication are kicking in, plus the fluid that has been forming around her heart and lungs have made it hard for her to breathe,” Thompson said. “Her linesisters had the most beautiful idea to come over and sing to her to lift her spirits - and of course they maintained social distancing... because Coronavirus. Although its a strange time in the world right now, not being able to hug and gather with loved ones the way you normally would, perhaps self-quarantining and social distancing is allowing space for creativity in how we show up for those we love the most.

“I am so grateful for the happiness and love that the Fabulous 15 brought to my mom today. This is what our wonderful sisterhood is about, and you ladies have shown up in the most incredible way. THANK YOU SORORS!”

Franklin told Channel 2 the surprise was "the most incredible and encouraging moment that I can think of."

“It was so creative and so thoughtful and so needed,” she said.

This story was first reported by Channel 2 Action News.