State lawmakers to review city creation process

Georgia legislators are forming study committees that aims to clarify how the state should handle future cityhood, annexation and deannexation proposals.

The state House of Representatives approved creating the city study group Friday with a 164-0 vote on House Resolution 743. A similar measure for a separate Senate study, Senate Resolution 609, is pending in that chamber.

One of the goals of the effort is to set standardized rules for incorporations in hopes of avoiding the complex process that has surrounded efforts to pass bills for several potential cities, including LaVista Hills, South Fulton, Stonecrest and Tucker. Legislation for those cities is still alive until this year's session of the Georgia General Assembly ends Thursday.

“We’re hoping for a uniform, stable process that’s fair and equitable,” said Rep. Jan Tankersley, R-Brooklet, who sponsored the resolution.

The study committee must complete its work and submit a report by Dec. 1.