Police investigate ‘White Lives Matter’ letters in South Georgia town

Dozens of residents received racist letters

Credit: Via Facebook

Credit: Via Facebook

Officials are investigating after dozens of residents in a south Georgia town received racist letters that included racial slurs, stereotypes about Black people and is identified as a “White Lives Matter” document.

The Thomas County sheriff's office told local news outlets that the letters appear to have been concentrated in one neighborhood, with the homeowners association collecting many examples. The sheriff's office has asked the FBI to join the investigation.

“First and foremost, we’re trying to identify the sender and find out the motive behind it,” said Capt. Steven Jones, a spokesperson for the sheriff's office.

The letter, in the form of a job application, includes numerous racist stereotypes about African Americans. The letter is headed with “(N-word) Application for Employment. The stereotypes on the application including labeling the make and model for the the applicants automobile as “Cadillac,” “Lincoln” and “Imperial.”

Thomasville resident Danielle Hutto, who received one of the letters, told WALB-TV that it has made her fearful of her neighbors. She posted the letter on her Facebook page with a caption that read “This what a stupid heartless person put in my mailbox.”

“I have kids, so that really just put me at fear with my kids being outside. Now knowing who got this in their heart against us, and what they might do to us walking in the area,” said Hutto.

Deputies asked anyone who received a copy of the letter to turn it over, especially if it’s unopened.

The sheriff’s office said they’re not sure if the return address and sender are the actual author and address of where the letter originated from.

Anyone with any information about the letter is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 229-225-3300.