Family in blue: Brother-sister duo wear the badges for Acworth police

Eric Mistretta and his sister, Michelle Mistretta, both work for the Acworth police department.

Credit: Alexis Stevens

Credit: Alexis Stevens

Eric Mistretta and his sister, Michelle Mistretta, both work for the Acworth police department.

Michelle Mistretta says she grew up following her older brothers. As an adult, she followed one into a career in law enforcement.

Now, Officer Mistretta and her brother, Cpl. Eric Mistretta, both serve the Acworth police department.

“I’m very proud of her and proud to work at the same department with her,” Eric Mistretta told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

After working for the sheriffs’ offices in both Paulding and Cherokee counties, Eric joined the Acworth department nearly four years ago. In June 2022, he was promoted to the rank of corporal and currently runs the department’s Public Safety Cadet Program. During his career, he’s worked a variety of jobs, including being on patrol and as a school resource officer.

Michelle Mistretta has her police badge pinned on by her brother, Eric Mistretta, and her son.

Credit: Family photo

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Credit: Family photo

As his department’s public information officer, Eric is also tasked with keeping media outlets informed of local crimes and the community informed through social media. He’s often involved in various community events.

“He pushes me all the time to get involved, too,” Michelle said.

Though Eric always knew he wanted to be a police officer, Michelle initially thought she wanted to work as a juvenile probation officer.

“I wanted to help turn their lives around,” she said.

After first working as a jailer in Acworth, Michelle took a job elsewhere in Georgia before returning to Acworth. After graduating from the police academy, it was her brother who pinned on her badge after she was sworn in. Michelle was also assigned radio number 401 while on patrol — the same number her brother had when he was on patrol.

Acworth police Chief Jesse Evans said it’s a bonus for the smaller department that is dedicated to serving the community. Having siblings on the force adds to the department’s cohesiveness.

“I feel like we’re family here,” Evans said.