Ga. Supreme Court upholds murder conviction of Detroit woman who stabbed store clerk

Credit: Whitfield County Sheriff's Office

Credit: Whitfield County Sheriff's Office

The Supreme Court of Georgia upheld the murder conviction of a woman who fatally stabbed a Dalton store clerk in 2014, but reversed her conviction on an unrelated charge.

In an opinion released Monday, the court concluded that Skyy Mims, an aspiring model, dancer and rapper, killed 37-year-old Dahyabhai Chaudhari in March 2014. A jury found that Mims, who is from Detroit, stabbed him for about $200 in cash and scratch-off lottery tickets, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported in 2015.

The court, however, reversed her conviction for theft by bringing a stolen vehicle into the state because her attorney failed to separate the theft charge from the murder offenses.

“The theft offense was not of a similar character to the murder-related counts, was not based on the same conduct, and did not involve the same victims or witnesses,” the opinion states. “The crimes were committed about a month apart and involved different victims in different states.”

Mims was arrested in Bartow County in March 2014 by the U.S. Marshals Service, several days after the murder. She was sentenced in June 2015 to life in prison without parole.