Lunch lady accused of gun threat over batch of cookies

A lunch lady  was charged Monday after allegedly threatening to shoot up the middle school where she worked as head cook because a co-worker was over-cooking her cookies.

Wendy Ferris, 46, was charged with threatening to commit a crime after the assistant superintendent of King Phillip Schools contacted police to say Ferris had become upset about a co-worker re-baking cookies that she had made. Ferris denies making the alleged threats, according to her attorney.

According to a police report, Ferris allegedly told the cafeteria manager at the school, "I'm thinking about going out to buy an AK-47 and shooting this (expletive) school up!"   (

Court records indicate that Ferris is also accused of making other threatening statements involving guns and coworkers. (

Ferris was arrested Friday night and jailed over the weekend. (

At Monday's arraignment, bail was set at $5,000 and Ferris was ordered to stay away from the school and it staff.

Ferris, who is licensed to carry firearms,  was also ordered to surrender guns owned by her and her husband. Ferris has no prior criminal record.

School officials told parents Ferris had been placed on paid administrative leave. She has been ordered back to court on March 11 for a pretrial hearing.