Georgia man dies in jail after domestic incident

The GBI is investigating after a man died while in jail in Carroll County after a domestic incident.

Responding Friday to a 911 call, Carroll County sheriff’s deputies went to a residence south of Bowdon off Ga. 100, Chief Deputy Brad Robinson said. Clifford Minter, 34, was threatening his wife with a shotgun.

Minter fired at his wife and shot through a window of the house, Minter said. After a brief negotiation, deputies, who did not return fire, took Minter into custody.

Minter was placed on administrative watch at the jail and was checked every 15 minutes, Robinson said. He was found unresponsive about 6 p.m. and was pronounced dead at a hospital about 30 minutes later.

The sheriff’s office asked the GBI to investigate, which is standard protocol in such incidents.

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