Clear to enroll travelers in TSA PreCheck at Hartsfield-Jackson

TSA PreCheck offers expedited security screening at the airport
Airport customer service's Ebou John (center-left) helps a traveler with directions. Travelers swelled Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Friday, May 24, 2024. (John Spink/AJC)

Credit: John Spink

Credit: John Spink

Airport customer service's Ebou John (center-left) helps a traveler with directions. Travelers swelled Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Friday, May 24, 2024. (John Spink/AJC)

Biometric identification technology firm Clear will soon start enrolling travelers at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport into the TSA PreCheck program for expedited screening, in addition to enrolling people into Clear’s own trusted traveler program.

Clear earlier this year became an official enrollment firm for TSA PreCheck, and has been adding enrollment locations at airports around the country.

TSA PreCheck offers the chance to keep on your shoes, belt and jacket on during security screening. Lines for PreCheck are often shorter than standard security lines.

It costs $77.95 to enroll in PreCheck for five years through Clear. That amounts to $15.59 per year.

On Thursday, Clear announced that it has opened new PreCheck enrollment locations at Hartsfield-Jackson and six other airports, bringing its total to 27 such locations across the country.

At Hartsfield-Jackson, Clear on June 25 plans to start offering TSA PreCheck enrollment from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily at the domestic Terminal North departures level, near the North security checkpoint entrance. Those applying must bring documents such as a passport.

PreCheck applicants can pre-enroll or walk up to a PreCheck enrollment location without an appointment. After enrolling, there is a wait for approval, with notification typically in 3-5 days — though it sometimes takes up to 60 days, according to Clear. After approval, travelers can use PreCheck by adding their Known Traveler Number to airline reservations.

To enroll in the Clear Plus trusted traveler program to skip other security lines at the airport costs much more than PreCheck. Clear Plus memberships cost $189 a year, with discounts for Delta SkyMiles members.

For Clear Plus members, Clear operates specially designated security lines where travelers can verify their identities through an iris scan or fingerprints, though the company is shifting to facial recognition technology. Using Clear may mean a shorter wait to get to security screening.

To get both Clear Plus and PreCheck memberships costs $199.95 including five years of PreCheck and one year of Clear Plus membership. After the first year of the Clear Plus membership, it will automatically renew at a rate of $189 per year.

At Hartsfield-Jackson, the South checkpoint is for PreCheck members and there is a Clear line at the South checkpoint for those with both Clear and PreCheck memberships.

There is also a separate Clear line for standard security screening at the Lower Level North checkpoint at Hartsfield-Jackson.

For some Delta Air Lines passengers, a separate line for Delta Digital ID at the South checkpoint is sometimes shorter than Clear Plus and PreCheck lines. Delta Digital ID is available to those flying Delta who qualify and opt in, and is offered at some of Delta’s hubs.

To use Delta Digital ID requires a TSA PreCheck membership, a SkyMiles membership, adding passport information and a Known Traveler Number to your Delta profile. At Hartsfield-Jackson, Delta Digital ID is at the South checkpoint and the international terminal.

Each of the expedited security options have limited hours, and some frequent travelers enroll in all three to choose the shortest line available when they head to the security checkpoint.

This story has been updated with new information from Clear on when its PreCheck enrollment will start at Hartsfield-Jackson.