Election influences what parents are naming their babies

The 2016 presidential election apparently is influencing what parents name their children.

According to, trends are emerging for 2016, with politicians past and present gaining in popularity.

BabyCenter looked at more than 100,000 names parents registered on its site to determine 2016's trends

The name Hillary, including all spelling variations, rose 142 percent over 2015. She's not the only Clinton to rise in the baby name ranks, though. Bill is up 113 percent, and Chelsea rose 18 percent.

The name Donald has also become more popular, increasing nearly 8 percent over last year. Melanie rose 36 percent, and Ivanka was up 4 percent.

Are parents feeling the Bern? Not really.

The Huffing Post did a deeper dive in to BabyCenter database and found that the name Bernard fell 50 percent.

And thanks to the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton," our Founding Fathers are finding their monikers popular again. 

The appearance of the name Hamilton has risen 60 percent over this time last year. 

Also likely influenced by the show, Jefferson is 171 percent more popular, James is up 40 percent for girls and 25 percent for boys, and George is up 21 percent.

Are some of these names more popular in red states than blue states? According to a recent study by Nameberry, very few "political" names appear on the most popular lists for right- and left-leaning states.

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