Best bars in Athens to fit your mood

More than 100 bars sit in downtown Athens, each with their own personality and vibe.Richardelainechambers via Creative Commons.

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More than 100 bars sit in downtown Athens, each with their own personality and vibe.Richardelainechambers via Creative Commons.

With almost 100 bars and pubs within walking distance of one another in downtown Athens, finding an atmosphere to fit your mood is effortless. Here are a few to check out:

If you like to stargaze:  Allgood Lounge, Blue Sky, 100 Proof. While each has an entertaining environment on the ground floor, be sure to climb to the top and enjoy a scenic view of the city. Then stay for the delicious drinks.

If you're feeling nostalgic:  9d's Bar. Travel back to a time when Bill Clinton was in office, frosted tips were all the rage and AOL was ubiquitous. As you might have guessed by the name, this bar plays only '90s music, and it's known to cap the night with hits by Britney Spears, 'N Sync and TLC. Popular movie posters from the decade line the walls for an authentic vibe. Just make sure to find the fan in the corner once you start grooving, as it is heats up quickly on the dance floor.

If you appreciate Southern charm:  General Beauregard's, Moonshine, Bourbon Street, Bar South, Stonewall's. If you like your tea sweet and your vowels long, stop by one of these bars. Some pay homage to Confederate heroes while others merely reference Southern sentimentalities. Regardless, you can sport your cowboy boots with confidence in any of these joints. Be sure to try the Dixieland Tea in General Beauregard's, made with bourbon, sweet tea and a lemon served in a mason jar. Another fine option is the Ms. Jackson drink at Stonewall's.

If you're a movie buff:  Bar Georgia. The average viewer may have been unable to discern the filming locations in The Spectacular Now. But look closely and you'll see distinct landmarks from Athens, including the former George Dean's men's clothing store and Zell B. Miller Learning Center. One of the nighttime venues used in the movie was Bar Georgia. And with an old-school vibe and local beers on tap, you're sure to enjoy it as much as the stars.

If you like flippant humor:  Sister Louisa's Church. If you're not offended by the idea of church paraphernalia in a bar, check out this club. Modeled after the Atlanta bar, Church is a popular destination if you've always wanted to see how you look in a nun's robe. Play some pingpong in this eclectic space.

If you like to be entertained:  Magnolias , Boar's Head Lounge, Wonderbar. Between pool, darts, beer pong, foosball, Mario Kart and arcade games, these bars have you covered. Bring out your inner competitive spirit over drinks, and you may end up a winner.