Kasim Reed takes on Al Roker and those New York people over Snowjam

Earlier this week, we pointed you to a New Yorker piece in which author Jelani Cobb examined the political damage done to Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed by Snowjam '14.

Cobb also asserted that, while he and Reed were students at Howard University, Reed introduced himself as the future mayor of Atlanta.

Today, on V-103 radio, the current mayor of Atlanta fired back, calling Cobb’s remembrance of college days past  “a total lie.”

As for the New Yorker article itself, Reed said:

"I thought that the story was stunning. ... He wrote that my career was destroyed. Are you kidding me? ... Another black man tells me because of a snow event my career is over? All I have to say to him is, watch me. I live for people trying to count me out."

Reed also had words for Al Roker, the weatherman on NBC’s “Today,” who declared that the mayor and Gov. Nathan Deal had sufficient warning of last week’s paralyzing snowstorm, but hadn’t acted on it. Said Reed:

"I think Al Roker was very reckless and unfair. If Al Roker had felt that way he should have said it to me….Every single picture they showed with the exception of one or two were not of the city of Atlanta .... He had the microphone and he could have talked."

Now, as for the matter of an apology, which the New York Times claimed last week that he hadn’t done. “The notion that I didn't apologize is total BS," Reed said. “That's just code for something else."

Reed also pointed to an undertone he saw in reports that he bristled at press conferences and in media interviews:

"I think the angry narrative was something else ... I think the angry narrative was manufactured and I'm not going to buy into that. ... This anger stuff is a really loaded term. ... I watched the adjectives that were used -- angry and combative -- and I'm not going to buy into that."