Star saves dad's life | Georgia high school soccer

A high school soccer star helped his dad survive a massive heart attack, just two weeks after earning CPR certification through an athletic training class.

Around midnight on March 12, John Arndt, a senior captain on the North Gwinnett soccer team, was working on a class project, when his mother, Susan Arndt, called from upstairs, telling him to call 911..

John grabbed his phone, called 911 and headed upstairs . His dad was in bed, breathing strangely and unresponsive. With the paramedics on the way, his father stopped breathing. Susan moved her husband to the floor, where John performed CPR.

“I literally just learned CPR about a week and a half ago before all this happened,” John said. “I would have had no idea what I was doing. Last year, when we were getting our schedules together, me and a couple of my friends signed up for the class because we thought it would be an easy A. It ended up being something that helped save my dad’s life.”

After more than a week in the hospital, Jim was back at home Sunday.

“Doctors told us it was miracle that he made it,” John said.

Heading into Friday’s game at Meadowcreek, John Arndt leads North Gwinnett in scoring.