Marietta's New Year's Eve ball drop: don't expect another human surprise

Marietta's 2015 New Year's Eve celebration featured a shocking surprise.

Credit: Jewel Wicker

Credit: Jewel Wicker

Marietta's 2015 New Year's Eve celebration featured a shocking surprise.

Marietta residents will have to wait a few more weeks to learn what is dropped from the celebratory cube in Marietta Square at midnight on New Year's Day.

But, one thing is for sure: This year's surprise wont be another human.

“I can say with 99.9 percent certainty that it won't be what people on Facebook lovingly called the #dudedrop," Lindsey Wiles, Marietta communications and government relations manager said.

Wiles wouldn't reveal what the surprise drop will be this year, but she did offer up a clue.

“I can say we listened to people,” she said. “One of the things that someone suggested [on social media] will be one of the things that comes out.”

Wiles admitted that the inaugural event had a few "hiccups," but she hopes that won't stop people from coming to this year's expanded New Year's Eve celebration.

In addition to the 18-hole Glow in the Dark Putt Putt course from last year, residents will get to write down their 2017 dreams and goals on a big Resolution Wall, play carnival games, experience an escape room-style competition, listen to live music and more.

Purchase a $5 cow from the Chick-fil-A in West Cobb or inside the Kroger on Whitlock Ave. ahead of time to participate in the Children's Cow Drop and win one free meal a day from either of the two locations for a year.

Additionally, the Ice Warriors Ice Sculpture competition will involve professional ice artists competing against one another to create the best ice sculpture.

Wiles said the New Year's Eve celebration is put together by "The Branding Project," a nonprofit organization that is made up of businesses on the Marietta Square.

Here is the full event lineup:

2:00 p.m. -7:00 p.m. Family activities

2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Demonstrations on stage for children

4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Ice Warriors Ice Sculpture competition

4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Live Music on Main Stage

6:00 p.m. -  6:45 p.m. Surprise Guests

7:00 p.m. Children’s Cow Drop

7:30 p.m. – 12:00 p.m. Live music on stage

12:00 p.m. Surprise Midnight Drop

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