Raise a glass to Georgia’s vineyards along the ‘wine highway’

It’s a berry delicious trip within the Peach State

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There a culinary trail featuring some of the state’s best wine makers, making it a great way for travelers to experience all the Peach State’s vineyards have to offer.

Designed with the “day-tripper, weekend wanderer, or avid explorer” in mind, travelers can purchase passports for $60 to enjoy everything along the Georgia Wine Highway — and there is a lot.

“Embark on an extraordinary journey through Georgia’s enchanting wine country with the official 2024 Wine Highway Passport in hand,” Georgia Wine Producers’ website said. “As you flip through the pages of this passport, you hold the key to a world of unparalleled tasting experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and the finest wines our region has to offer.”

Participating wineries offer a range of deals to passport holders, from free tastings and discounts, to buy one, get one opportunities.

Select wineries are participating in the event through March, while others — and there a lot of them — will continue to offer benefits for an additional five to nine months. Twenty-two local wineries are participating for the full 10 months, with 15 participating for six months and 17 participating through March.

Visit opengeorgiawine.com for a full list of this year’s participating wineries.

Those interested in making a road trip out of taking advantage of the sweet deals can plot their journey across the Georgia Wine Highway, above.

The full experience spans 322 miles top to bottom and 170 miles across, for a whopping 54,740 square miles of potential wine opportunities that reach from just over the border into North Carolina to deep into South Georgia.