Taylor Swift’s ‘The Black Dog’: Pub-themed inspiration unveiled

In Taylor Swift’s latest album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” the song “The Black Dog” has taken center stage, not just for its catchy lyrics, but also for the real-life pub that inspired it.

The Black Dog, a charming pub in south London, has suddenly found itself in the spotlight, thanks to Swift’s musical tribute, People magazine reported.

Before the song’s release, the Black Dog was a secret cherished by its loyal patrons. However, since the track dropped, Swifties from across the globe have been making pilgrimages to the bar, eager to immerse themselves in the world that inspired their idol. The restaurant has embraced its newfound fame, adding an array of Swift-themed items to its menu, according to People.

Fans can now order a “Swift Half,” a half pint of Black Dog lager, or sink their teeth into the “Swift Burger,” a classic burger with a special house sauce, chili sauce and fries. The pub’s marketing manager, Amy Cowley, told People these delights have been “very popular.”

The Swift theme goes beyond the menu. Inside, Swift posters decorate the walls, and her music fills the air, creating an immersive experience for fans, People reported. Chalkboards displaying lyrics from “The Black Dog” greet visitors at the entrance, adding to the pub’s newfound Swiftie allure.

“We’re trying to keep it as fun as possible for the fans, but also we want to think about our regulars,” Cowley told the entertainment magazine. “We’re just trying to balance out.”

The song itself tells a story of heartbreak, with Swift singing about someone entering the pub and piercing new holes in her heart. The chorus mentions pop-punk band The Starting Line, who are frequently covered by The 1975, fronted by Swift’s ex, Matty Healy, according to People.

Since the album’s release April 19, the Black Dog’s staff have been overwhelmed by the attention, having had no prior knowledge of the track. They’ve even been scouring their security footage for any sign of Swift’s visit.

Cowley playfully invited the star to “have a drink with us” when she’s in town for her Eras Tour in June, adding, “We’d absolutely love to have her,” People reported.

With its newfound status as a Swiftie haven, the pub welcomes fans from far and wide, offering them a chance to experience a slice of the inspiration behind Swift’s latest hit. And, Taylor, if you’re reading this, the bar would love to have you stop by next time you’re in town — wink, wink.