Set-jetting: The ultimate travel trend for movie and TV fans in 2024

Destinations include those seen on ‘The White Lotus’ and ‘Squid Game’

Pack your bags and get ready to journey to the captivating locations featured in your favorite movies and TV shows. “Set-jetting,” a growing travel trend, has captured adventurers’ hearts worldwide. In fact, more than half of travelers plan trips based on the destinations they’ve seen onscreen, according to Expedia’s recent travel trend report.

“Here’s the history on this trend: Expedia noticed searches peaking for destinations featured on shows, even imaginary destinations like ‘Schitt’s Creek,’” said Melanie Fish, chief trend tracker for Expedia Brands. “We found it hard to believe people were actually booking trips to places they saw on a show. We commissioned research and sure enough, movies and streaming shows are now the top inspiration for travel.”

If you’re ready to sign up for your own set-jetting experience, here are some of the hottest destinations for 2024.

‘The White Lotus’: Thailand

With the announcement of “The White Lotus” Season 3 filming in Thailand, the nation is poised to become a sought-after destination for fans. Unforgettable Travel has curated a seven-day luxury tour through Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Samui, mirroring the show’s upcoming settings.

‘Squid Game’: South Korea

Netflix’s global phenomenon “Squid Game” has put South Korea on the map for thrill-seekers. Contiki’s nine-day South Korean Soul itinerary is worth checking out if you want to dive into the heart of it all. Enjoy iconic Korean fried chicken, visit Gyeongbokgung Palace, and experience the thrill of “Squid Game” through interactive locations and the famous dalgona cookie challenge.

‘Wednesday’: Romania

For Netflix’s “Wednesday,” Romania stands in for Vermont, given that it’s home to Transylvania, the birthplace of Dracula. Spectacular architecture abounds here, including Cantacuzino Castle, recognizable to fans of the series as the exterior of Nevermore Academy, the mysterious boarding school where Wednesday Addams is reluctantly sent.

‘Outlander’: Scottish Highlands

The enchanting landscapes of Scotland serve as the backdrop for the time-traveling saga “Outlander.” Brendan Vacations’ 13-day Highland Trail itinerary invites fans to explore the series’ hallmark locations, from the Lowlands Kingdom of Fife to the majestic Doune Castle. Beyond visiting filming sites, the journey delves into Scotland’s rich culture and history, offering experiences like local whisky tastings and visits to endangered species conservation sites.

‘Bad Monkey’: Florida Keys

The picturesque resort islands of the Florida Keys have repeatedly starred onscreen, and this year, they’ll be scene-stealing in the Apple TV+ detective drama ‘Bad Monkey,’ starring Vince Vaughn.