Stock Up: 3 things to enjoy on your picnic

Quick, before the mosquitoes arrive, there’s just enough time to have a carefree picnic. We’ve got three pack-and-go suggestions for you.

Tinned meals

In Spain, conservas are top-quality food — frequently seafood — packed in tins, and ready to eat. Think sardines, smoked mussels and octopus packed in olive oil. We were intrigued when we first heard about these tins from Freshé. the pretty tins, in beautiful designs, are filled with such combinations as Barcelona escalivada (salmon, eggplant, peppers and onion) and Sicilian caponata (tuna, butternut squash, roasted vegetables and almonds). When we tried them, we discovered perfectly seasoned meals, packed with flavor. Some are labeled as salad toppers, and they would be delicious on a bed of greens, but all can be complete meals on their own — they are full of protein, satisfying and could not be easier to enjoy. Just put them on your pantry shelf until you need to grab one and go. Who knew you could eat from a tin and feel elegant at the same time?

$3.99-$4.99 per 4.25-ounce tin or $17.99 per four-pack. Available at Kroger, the Fresh Market, Whole Foods Market and Amazon.

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Credit: handout

Credit: handout

Premium olives

Nikki Seaman started Atlanta-based Freestyle Snacks with the idea that olives were delicious, but messy, and a hassle to enjoy easily. She just didn’t want to deal with cans and jars and the liquid in which olives frequently are packed. So, she created a line of olives sold in resealable liquid-free pouches. Now, olive lovers can enjoy them any time, including on the go. Her line includes Kalamata olives and two varieties of green olives — lemon garlic, and hot and spicy. They are easy to pack in a purse or picnic basket, or just put in a pocket, and the liquid-free packaging means no mess. You can eat these like you would a handful of almonds, or dress up that sandwich you pack for your picnic.

$4.99 per 4-ounce pouch; $29.98 per six-pack of 4-ounce pouches. Available at Lucy’s Market, Candler Park Market, Dtox, NY Butcher Shoppe, Kale Me Crazy in Buckhead, UPop, Amazon and

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Credit: handout

Credit: handout

Hydrating beverage

Dr. Luther Rollins, an Atlanta anesthesiologist and pain specialist, created Biolyte after years of working with his patients on hydration and nutrition therapy. His product contains electrolytes, vitamins and minerals that keep more water in the body — hydrating more effectively than plain water. If you’re the type who takes sports drinks on a picnic, put Biolyte in your cooler, instead. It’s great for recovery after a strenuous hike to your picnic location, or if you’re feeling dehydrated or fatigued from being in the sun. It originally was developed in citrus, berry and tropical flavors, and a new melon flavor has been introduced.

$3.49 per 16-ounce bottle. Available at Publix; Kroger; QT; Race Trac; Circle K; Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits; Savi Provisions and Amazon.

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