RECIPE: Make Seed Kitchen & Bar’s Smoked Salmon and Potato Pancakes

Credit: Handout

Credit: Handout

I love entertaining and would be thrilled to be able to offer my guests a dish as delicious as the Smoked Salmon and Potato Pancakes served at Seed. Will the chef share the recipe? — Jason London, Marietta

“The Smoked Salmon and Potato Pancakes have been on the menu for over a decade and have become a staple of Seed’s Sunday brunch menu,” said Seed Kitchen & Bar chef-owner Doug Turbush. “Guests love the playful take on a classic brunch combination presented in a unique way.”

This recipe isn’t terribly difficult to make, but requires a number of components which need to be ready at the same time. It’s an example of a great restaurant dish that is perhaps not so easy to produce at home. The smoked salmon is the only component the restaurant doesn’t make in house.

Seed Kitchen & Bar’s Smoked Salmon and Potato Pancakes

Poaching the eggs 4 minutes results in a soft runny yolk and firm egg white. Poach longer if you prefer your egg yolk cooked more.

Dill Cream

Potato Pancakes

If not serving immediately, warm oven to 200 degrees and put pancakes on their baking sheet into the oven to stay warm. This recipe makes two more pancakes than you need for four servings. Enjoy in another meal.

Mustard Hollandaise

From the menu of ... Seed Kitchen & Bar, 1311 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta; 678-214-6888,

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