RECIPE: Make Dantanna’s Pan-Charred Local Okra

Credit: Dyess Photography

Credit: Dyess Photography

Dantanna’s is our go-to for lunch and dinner. We love it so much we’re there several times a month. It’s always great to try all the side dishes and we have loved the okra. How do they make it? Susan Wimberly, Atlanta

This dish is a favorite of David Clapp, Dantanna’s founder and owner, who tells us he makes it at home all the time. He says it’s one of the restaurant’s most popular starters and has been a staple on the menu since they first introduced it about eight years ago.

At the restaurant, each serving of this shareable appetizer comes in a hot cast-iron skillet to keep it warm at the table.

Four-color peppercorns are a blend of black, white, green and pink peppercorns available from many online spice vendors.

Dantanna’s Pan-Charred Local Okra

From the menu of ... Dantanna’s, 3400 Around Lenox DrIve, Atlanta; 404-760-8873.

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