RECIPE: Make Humble Pie’s Spiced Apple Buckle Cake

Humble Pie’s Spiced Apple Buckle Cake     
Courtesy of Matt Wong

Credit: Matt Wong

Credit: Matt Wong

Humble Pie’s Spiced Apple Buckle Cake Courtesy of Matt Wong

Love the Spiced Apple Buckle Cake from Humble Pie. We started going there for the pizza but we are so glad we didn’t resist trying the desserts. This cake is moist and fruity, comfort food at its finest. Will they share the recipe? Kendra Wilson, Atlanta

Humble Pie pastry chef Carelys Vazquez was happy to share the recipe for a style of cake she learned as a young cook in Miami. “‘Buckle cake’ is a term used for a single-layer cake topped with fruits. In the baking process, the fruits ‘buckle’ the cake.” The restaurant serves the cake with vanilla bean ice cream from Butter & Cream and housemade caramel sauce.

The restaurant is currently serving a blueberry buckle cake, although they will offer the apple buckle cake as a special the first week of June. The apple version is a standard offering through Humble Pie’s new online ordering system, called Pie Shop.

Humble Pie’s Spiced Apple Buckle Cake

Note: For nutritional calculations, a “pinch” is defined as 1/16 teaspoon.

Caramel Sauce

From the menu of ... Humble Pie, 1115 Howell Mill Road NW, Atlanta; 404-458-6765,

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