RECIPE: Homemade hot pretzels are an easy fall favorite

Welcome cooler temperatures into your kitchen with homemade soft pretzels. These buttery bombs of bread-y goodness are comfort food for any fall activity; I have already served them during two football tailgates and one homecoming date meltdown. You can also freeze the cooked pretzels, then microwave them individually to make a salty snack in just 30 seconds.

These easy-peasy pretzels use ingredients you already have in your pantry. No stand mixer? No problem. You can knead this dough quickly by hand. Do take the extra time to give your pretzels their baking soda bath. A quick simmer in the alkaline solution gives pretzels their distinctive color, texture and flavor. If you’re feeding a crowd, consider cutting the dough into 2-inch “bites” and reducing the bake time to around 12 minutes. Then serve your pretzels with sides of mustard, cheese dip, or a festive fall beverage of your choice.

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