RECIPE: Make Banshee’s Blood Orange Chocolate Tart



We are crazy about the Blood Orange Chocolate Tart at Banshee in East Atlanta Village. It’s rich, but the citrus gives it a bright, tangy edge. How do they make it? Sara Allen, Decatur

Nolan Wynn, partner and executive chef of Banshee, supplied the recipe for this dessert, which will leave the menu when fresh blood oranges are no longer in season. If you cannot find blood oranges, Wynn says it’s fine to substitute navel oranges. The recipe was created by chef Ben Park, who reports he loves pairing winter citrus with chocolate in desserts because he loved chocolate oranges as a child.

At Banshee, the tart is topped with orange supremes — fruit segments without the membrane and pith — and garnished with thyme anglaise, hazelnut crunch and chocolate pearls.

Banshee’s Blood Orange Chocolate Tart

From the menu of ... Banshee, 1271 Glenwood Ave. SE, Atlanta; 470-428-2034,

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