Learn how to make New York Prime’s crab cakes

The crab cake at New York Prime is amazing. Big lumps of crab, no bready filling, they were just right for this crab lover. What’s their secret? — Deborah Shupert, Atlanta

You can enjoy an amazing steak at New York Prime, but we are betting there are many who go just to enjoy the crab cakes. Chef Robert Kinsella says, “The preparation and minimal ingredients are meant to showcase the crab. Start with quality crab meat and the final product will be a winner.”

These cakes are made with lightly seasoned jumbo lump crab, and bound together with just one egg yolk. There are no bread or cracker crumbs in the mix, just a few bread crumbs sprinkled on top to brown the cakes and provide a little crunch. By forming the cake on a baking sheet, instead of trying to create a patty that can be turned, you don’t need a starchy binder.

From the menu of . . . New York Prime, 3424 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta. 404-846-0644, newyorkprime.com.

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