Starbright Wine can deliver to you in as little as 2 hours

Atlanta company also offers personalized recommendations
A.L. Ribeiro Biotite is one of the offerings available from Starbright Wine. Courtesy of Starbright Wine

Credit: Starbright Wine

Credit: Starbright Wine

A.L. Ribeiro Biotite is one of the offerings available from Starbright Wine. Courtesy of Starbright Wine

The first wine you drink tonight could arrive in as little as two hours, and be selected with your particular tastes in mind.

Starbright Wine launched Aug. 16 in Atlanta, offering a personalized service provided by wine experts, with the bonus of local delivery.

Founded by Rachel Katz, in partnership with local restaurateur Fred Castellucci, Starbright works as an online retailer, with bespoke service via real-time text messaging or live chat on the Starbright website.

“We want you to buy better wine and remove any intimidation that can surround choosing, and really enjoying wine,” Katz said.

Rachel Katz is one of the founders of Starbright Wine. Courtesy of Starbright Wine

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The hunt for a good bottle of wine, or a new wine, often can be intimidating. Starbright’s wine experts not only help you find wines you like, but they also will figure out why you like what you do, and help you discover other wines you might like that perhaps are slightly outside your comfort zone.

“We’ve created Starbright as a judgement-free experience, built on our guests’ flavor preferences and taste discovery,” Katz said.

Her debut wine selection ranges from varieties produced by generational, family-run vineyards in Italy and France to low-intervention natural bottles from Chile and Oregon, and under-the-radar wines from the Republic of Georgia and Slovenia.

Customers also can click on the Surprise Me! collection, for a mix-and-match set.

To learn more about Starbright’s personalized wine selection process, I tried it anonymously from an iPhone. I went to the website and clicked “text with an expert.” After acknowledging that I am over 21, I added my zip code, for delivery. Unfortunately, my address was just outside the current delivery range of the city limits of Atlanta. However, Iberian Pig Buckhead was available as a pickup location.

There was a five-question introduction, from which my expert could get a sense of what I wanted, and the flavors that drive my decisions. What did I want to purchase — red, white, orange, bubbles or rosé? What was my price range?

Starbright Wine's selections include No Fine Print Lil Fizz. Courtesy of Starbright Wine

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Then, you get to the characteristics of wines you love to drink. This is a real-time text conversation, but, unlike being face-to-face in a wine shop, you can Google, pause and read that grocery store label that you like (but wouldn’t want to mention to a sophisticated sommelier). Next, there is another round of descriptors, such as “light and crushable,” tannins and acidity. Before my selections were pulled together, the expert asked whether there was anything they had left out, which wines I had enjoyed lately, and why I found them pleasing.

Into my online cart popped four curated bottles that fit my taste perfectly. One was a wine that I purchase frequently. Another was a wine that I had tried (and loved) recently at a restaurant. A third was similar to a varietal I mentioned really liking. The last one was something I never would have picked but, after reading about it, I was certain I would enjoy it. My expert asked whether I wanted to know more about the bottles and why they were chosen. I texted, “yes.” The information was enlightening, and I even learned that one of them would be available in magnum size this fall.

For those who prefer to browse on their own, or who are ready for immediate purchase, the site also offers the ability to place an order without conversation.

Delivery within the city of Atlanta via Zifty is $10; pickup is available at the Iberian Pig Buckhead. Visit for more details.