You can make a meal of this Norcross appetizer

Credit: Angela Hansberger

Credit: Angela Hansberger

Dish of the Week: Shrimp in blankets at Thai Star

You can order shrimp in velvety tom kha (coconut milk soup), or in curries, fried rice dishes and noodles. But, a treasure on Thai Star‘s menu is shrimp in blankets. Meant to be an appetizer, the crisp, enveloped shrimp can make a complete meal with the addition of soup or salad. After my first visit, I will be a repeat customer, just for these.

The dish, also known as goong nom pha, is ubiquitous in Thailand. Sometimes called “rocket shrimp,” “shrimp cigars” or “firecracker shrimp,” it is named here for how the shrimp appear — like little golden sleeping bags. Plump fresh shrimp (Thai Star goes for jumbo) are marinated for added flavor and swaddled in spring-roll wrappers, then fried to golden crispiness. When you bite into them, it’s not a delicate crunch that you get, but rather a satisfying, brittle shattering, along with the tender, bouncy shrimp. The shrimp tails are your handle.

It’s simple, yet so tasty and fun. The accompanying plum sauce adds both sweet and sour notes.

Thai Star. 5370 Peachtree Industrial Parkway, Norcross. 770-326-9991,