Final chance for Champ Bailey?

Denver cornerback Champ Bailey, who is playing in his 15th season in the NFL, is ready to take his first steps in the NFL’s ultimate game.

“I think that’s the way it works out,” said Bailey, a 12-time Pro Bowler who played at Georgia. “If I was supposed to be here, I would have been here a long time ago. Things do take time, and I finally got with the right group of guys, as a whole. I played with some great players, but this is definitely the best team I’ve been on.”

He started his career with the Washington Redskins, after he was selected with the seventh pick of the 1999 NFL draft. After five seasons, he was traded to the Broncos.

Bailey has quietly gone about the business of locking down receivers, unlike more loquacious cornerbacks such as Seattle’s Richard Sherman.

“I think it’s a personality thing,” Bailey said. “He’s a different person. I really can’t speak for him, but that’s the way he goes about his business. I have no problem with that. I like guys who are comfortable being themselves. If that makes him feel good about it, then I’m all for it.”

Bailey, 35, likely won’t see any of Seattle speed receivers Golden Tate or Percy Harvin. He acknowledges that he’s lost a step or two.

“I’m supposed to lose a step at some point, right?” Bailey said. “It’s going to happen. You can’t avoid it. Every player gets old. It’s going to happen. I don’t feel like I can’t play the game, and that’s all that matters.”