Kelly Stafford suffers setback after brain tumor surgery

Kelly Stafford, a former UGA cheerleader and wife of quarterback Matthew Stafford, was diagnosed in January with an acoustic neuroma. Acoustic neuroma is a noncancerous and slow growing tumor that develops on the main nerve leading from your inner ear to your brain. Symptoms include hearing loss and vertigo, which Stafford said happened to her more than once. Treatments for acoustic neuroma include regular monitoring, radiation and surgical removal. Stafford said Wednesday she is having surgery. In rare c

Kelly Stafford is back home after suffering a setback from removing a brain tumor — an acoustic neuroma — last week.

The wife of Detroit Lions and former Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford has posted several status updates on Instagram, announcing she had been hospitalized and forced to spend time away from her three daughters.

“Can’t sleep. Sitting here, listening to these hospital beeps, wide eyed ... and I’m MISSING my people. I’ve seen them once since surgery and it was hard.”

She explained that, following her 12-hour surgery, she is having to "relearn the basics of being an athlete."

“When they took out the tumor, they also wiped out the entire balance system on my right side” Stafford wrote on Instagram.

Kelly and the Matthew Stafford have three daughters. They started dating at Georgia where she was a cheerleader and he was the star of the football team. They married in 2015. He was the No. 1 pick in the 2009 NFL draft and has spent his entire career with the Lions.

Stafford’s final post relished her being able to hold her daughters.

“I miss them so much, but I’m so grateful I got that time today and now I have my inspiration to keep on pushing!”

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