Woman tweets for help after cats lock her in bedroom

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Remember Lux, the cat that had such a violent meltdown that his family called 911 from their bedroom, asking for rescue because the cat would not let them escape?

Well, this isn’t quite a copycat case, but one French woman was temporarily inconvenienced when her cats managed to dismantle her bedroom door handle.

So my cats knocked the handle off my bedroom door and I'm locked in my bedroom now. Nothing left to try but to Tweet this drama.

Their mischievous actions left journalist Claire Berlinski trapped in her bedroom for about five hours, but she somehow managed to maintain her sense of humor.

After tweeting her predicament, her followers offered helpful suggestions. Berlinski tried using a coat hanger, a nail file and credit card and even attempted to kick down the door, but was unable to free herself. It appeared that the lock itself was stuck and after consulting with her father, Berlinski was forced to call a locksmith.

This here is what the problem looks like. pic.twitter.com/8ocscidruo

At one point, Berlinski tweeted that the cats were meowing and pawing at the door, because they wanted to be let inside.

The locksmith finally shows up and after much drilling and great expense, Berlinski tweeted that she was free.

When asked about the condition of the cats, she said they were fine, just a bit miffed that their breakfast was late.