Georgia Legislature Today: Religion, adoptions and gay couples

The Georgia General Assembly at a glance for Tuesday, Day 23 of the 2018 legislative session:

Religious adoptions: Senators might move forward with a bill that would permit faith-based adoption agencies to reject same-sex married couples who are trying to adopt children from foster care. Senate Bill 375 could get a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee at 8 a.m. UPDATE: The bill passed out of committee on a 5-2 vote.

Cityhood replay: The state Senate will reconsider legislation to carve out part of the existing city of Stockbridge and put it within the boundaries of the new proposed city of Eagle's Landing in Henry County. Sen. Emanuel Jones, D-Ellenwood, requested the revote after the Senate originally passed the proposals, Senate Bill 262 and Senate Bill 263, on Thursday. The measures previously passed on votes of 30-25 and 29-23.

Cigars at Augusta National: A bill pending in the Georgia House would allow licensed tobacco dealers to pay $10 for a short-term permit to sell cigars and other products near the location of events like the Masters in Augusta. The sponsor of House Bill 835, Jodi Lott, said Thursday that doesn't mean people will be smoking on the golf course.

"They won't be sitting next to you. There's special trees for that," said Lott, R-Evans, drawing laughter in a House Rules Committee meeting.

Chairman John Meadows , R-Calhoun, responded with a joke: "I thought those special trees were for when you couldn't make it" to the bathroom.