Readers write, Sept. 19


Thanks for telling why we’re ignorant of law

Regarding “2 states, 2 takes on health care law” (News, Sept. 13), this was brilliant reporting! Why have we Georgians heard so little about how to participate in lower health care insurance when the Affordable Care Act takes effect in 2014? This front-page article answered all of these questions.

Thank you, wonderful AJC reporters, for explaining that other states (like Kentucky) are doing a much better job at giving out information about the new health care system. Thank you for telling the public how to search for and get real information about the new health care plan.



Cartoonist should have put Putin in the panel

Once again, Mike Luckovich has put his delusions on public display (Opinion, Sept. 12). His cartoon of Barack Obama leaving his painted room through a door that he installed, leaving the Republicans standing in the paint, makes my point.

A more realistic scene would be Vladimir Putin reaching through a window that he installed, and pulling Obama out of a problem of his own making — with Obama squalling, while he continues to hit his toy ship named the “USS Credibility and Economy” with a large rattle named “Ego.” Putin would then put our organizer-in-chief in time-out.

Good work, Mike. Your cartoons explain progressive (liberal) thinking to a tee.



Amend law that allows side-by-side bicycling

I believe the time has come to amend the state law allowing side-by-side bicycles on public roads. I believe that this practice is inherently unsafe on suburban and rural roads, where bikes cannot keep up to speed enough for riders to occupy the entire lane. The exception to this would be scheduled and supervised bike rides sanctioned by local government. I think that the legislation regarding this practice was not well thought-out when it was passed, and it should be amended.

I also believe there should be equal accountability for any vehicle using the public roads. This means registration, licensing, safety features and abiding by regulatory signs on the road. In particular, this should include stopping at stop signs, giving proper turn signals, etc. The issues of identification and liability should also be addressed.

In addition, we don’t know the mental state of all those drivers out there — so why should bike riders put themselves at risk by riding side-by-side?