Readers Write: Nov. 17

Cagle: Local leaders should work with ICE

In his Nov. 9 column, Bill Torpy takes issue with my fight to make sure Decatur hands over criminal illegal aliens to federal authorities, “The real reason Cagle is on Decatur’s case.” He argues Georgians shouldn’t worry about the presence of criminal illegal aliens in our state because “native-born Americans are three times as likely to be locked up for crimes as illegal immigrants.”

For the victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens, that’s a meaningless statistic.

As Torpy notes, there are 1,316 illegal aliens in our state prisons, but he fails to mention that 6,558 additional convicted illegal aliens have been arrested this year by the Atlanta ICE field office. Now there’s a relevant statistic.

Torpy’s column reflects how the opinions of media elites diverge from views of common-sense Georgians. Illegal immigrants shouldn’t be here in the first place, and if they commit violent crimes, responsible local leaders should work hand in hand with federal authorities to turn them over for deportation.

Our state has a responsibility to prevent crime and uphold the rule of law. That’s what I intend to do.


Ga. Power ratepayers shouldn’t have to pay

From a Nov. 10 article in the AJC, “Has Georgia Power made mistakes? ‘The answer to that question is no,” according to Paul Bowers, CEO of Georgia Power: Talk about nerve!

Who made the mistakes? The ones we can be certain made no mistakes whatsoever are the Georgia Power customers who have been paying for this horrendous cost-overrun, repeatedly delayed monstrosity. We have made no mistakes whatsoever, yet it’s being demanded that we continue to pay for Plant Vogtle.

Not one more rate-payer dime for Plant Vogtle. If the Georgia Power shareholders who will benefit from the plant want to continue construction, by all means let them. But not one more ratepayer dime!