Readers Write: Nov. 21

Moore innocent until proven guilty

What has happened to America? Judge Moore has been vilified, ostracized and convicted on unsubstantiated charges of molesting a young lady some 40 years ago. What happened to “innocent until proved guilty?” I have no knowledge of the validity of these charges, nor does any of those who are demanding that he withdraw from the race. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but it seems to me that political expediency has taken precedence over justice.


GOP trying to sell public false promises

I have read many AJC articles about the tax cut plan of the Republicans and it seems to me that they are recycling the failed ideology of trickle-down economics. They are trying to sell their plan to the American public by making a big deal out of the few crumbs they drop on the floor for the average person while glossing over the fact that the vast majority of the tax cuts go to corporations and the wealthy. Their promises of economic growth, job increases and larger paychecks are phony, deceitful and have been proven to be false. Look at the financial disaster that happened in Kansas when they tried a similar plan making similar promises. Why should we expect a different result this time?

I believe that the Republicans are trying to repay their donors for all the contributions they made to elect Republican candidates. And when their rosy scenarios of economic growth fail to materialize and the deficits explode, these same politicians will scream about the need to cut spending on the social safety net programs that the people they have harmed with their tax schemes rely on.