Readers Write: May 27

Harvard’s admittance of student was just

In his letter on May 22 “Undocumented student not more deserving,” the writer argues that an undocumented student’s legal status made her less “deserving” of acceptance to Harvard than the thousands of other applicants who were rejected and happen to be U.S. citizens. Unfortunately, the writer mistakenly equates the concept of desert with the concept of entitlement.

It is safe to assume that each year the thousands of students who apply to Harvard – documented and undocumented alike – are all “deserving” of admittance due to their academic achievements, extracurricular activities, hard work, and manifold other personal attributes. That does not however suggest that these same applicants are “entitled” to admission to Harvard. Like all universities, private and public, Harvard selects for admission those students who best meet the admissions criteria that the university has established. Universities look for candidates who will contribute to a diverse and dynamic academic environment. An individual’s legal status rightly is not considered meaningful towards achieving the goals of the university.

Because admission to Harvard is not an entitlement, no U.S. citizen was “replaced” as the writer asserted, nor does an admissions “line” exist.


Obama’s lifting of weapons embargo is curious

So, President Barack Obama categorically and independently lifts the half-century long weapons embargo imposed upon Vietnam.

Isn’t this the same President who, with Hillary’s help, negotiated a small-arms treaty with the United Nations to “restrict the proliferation of small arms”? Things are getting curiouser and curiouser.