Don’t ruin positive times from Trump’s leadership

Since childhood, I have believed the U.S. would forever support life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Are these now subject to extinction through leftist efforts? The assaults, verbal and physical, are meant for conservatives, but can effectively and negatively impact our whole citizenry regardless of party. These direct attacks on Americans include infanticide, unpunished and/or repeated crimes by illegal immigrants, limiting guns for self-defense, harassment of free speech and at public family activities, anti-religion and due process forces, and under the guise of a “Green Deal,” loss of cars, planes, the choice to reproduce, etc. Is this the process by which good countries turn bad? Personally, I have no desire to find out. With President Donald Trump, we are enjoying positive times. And if things are not broken, why “fix them” in the above Democratic style in 2020?


Why are so many powerful men accused of sexual crimes, including sexual harassment, sexual abuse and unwanted advances? In 2016, Donald Trump was elected amid allegations by several women of sexual misconduct and unwanted advances. Another woman has come forward to accuse the president of trying to kiss her, and there is evidence of Trump doing the same thing on the “Access Hollywood” tape. Just last month, it was announced that Robert Kraft, billionaire owner of the New England Patriots, was caught up in a police investigation of a massage parlor that allegedly offered illegal prostitution services. Kraft is being charged with soliciting prostitution. Steve Wynn, billionaire and casino owner, was sued for $20 million for sexual harassment and abuse. There seems to be a pattern of rich and powerful men committing these crimes.