This 5-year-old autistic girl is creating breathtaking art

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Iris Grace may have autism, but that doesn’t stop her from making remarkable paintings.

The five-year-old girl from Leicestershire, England, began painting as a way to help her with speech therapy. Now she has quite the following on Facebook (below) and even has her own website.

"She has an understanding of colors and how they interact with each other," Iris's mom Arabella said. "She beams with excitement and joy when I get out the paints, it lifts her mood every time."

Arabella said that she wants to share her daughter's paintings to raise awareness for autism, which affects 100,000 children in the UK. Arabella knows firsthand the effect that art can have when trying to understand a child with autism.

"When you are a parent or a teacher of a child with autism and you are trying to interact with them you are constantly looking for ways to find that key that will allow you into their world," Arabella said.

"For me seeing Iris's love of painting was just that, a precious key," she said.