New York City’s Westin hotel sells $1,000 bagel

$1,000 Bagel Offered At NYC’S Westin Hotel

The Westin New York at Times Square doesn’t just offer views of the city’s famous concrete jungle -- it now offers a $1,000 bagel.

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Visitors can purchase the bagel, described as a a locally-sourced bagel topped with white truffle cream cheese, goji berry-infused Riesling jelly and golden leaf flakes, for a limited time between Nov. 1 and Dec. 15. Tax and tip are included in the price of the bagel, WPIX reported.

It must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance, WABC reported.

The menu item first debuted in 2007 for a limited time.

At the time, Frank Tujague, chef and creator of the pricey breakfast item, said he was inspired to create something that simultaneously reflected his culinary skills and the essence of New York.

"I wanted to create something that speaks to New York, and is also a reflection of my culinary passion for seasonality and fine ingredients," he said, according to Reuters. "Bagels are a New York food landmark, which is where the base for this dish came from. White truffles are a simple, quality ingredient that takes the meal, or the bagel in this case, to the next level."

A spokeswoman for the Westin said the bagel offering, which has returned for a limited time over the years, has been requested "yearly without fail."

“Considering how pricing has risen in the past decade (try buying an apartment for the same price as it was in 2007), this bagel at its introductory cost is nearly a deal,” Westin officials said, according to NBC New York.

White truffle is the second most expensive food in the world after caviar, according to the Westin spokeswoman.

All proceeds from the bagel will go to the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, New York City's largest emergency food program, according to Fortune.