Kitten found in wheel well of van

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A kitten seeking a warm place to spend the night likely rode 90 minutes in the wheel well of a vehicle before people heard it meow and eventually freed it.

Wright State students first heard the animal, which went from the wheel well into a 3-inch hole that led back toward the dashboard of the van, the Wright State Police Department reported.

It is speculated the kitten rode to Wright State from Fort Recovery.

The van was moved to the WSU motor pool, where the wheel and fender were removed in efforts to rescue the tiny stowaway.

“We tried anything and everything to get the kitten out,” said WSU Officer Patrick Ammon.

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After many attempts without success, the rescue crew called in a specialist, Officer John Grice of the Greene County Animal Control Office.

Surveying the situation, making sure the kitten would not be harmed, Grice applied a basic rule of thumb: cats don’t like water. Grice threaded a hose back to the kitten and used warm water.

“The kitten backed out enough to get ahold of it,” said Grice.

A student who had been watching the event volunteered to take the kitten and give it a home.