College homecoming honors 82-year-old student

MidAmerica Nazarene University in Kansas crowned a very special homecoming person on their homecoming court this year.

Her name is Frances Wood, but everyone on campus calls her Granny Franny, because she's back in college at age 82. (Via WHAM)

She enrolled at the university two years ago shortly after her husband passed away.

"I was beginning to get just a little lonely and depressed. And I needed something different to do, and believe me this is different." (Via KCTV)

Granny Franny might not be the youngest student at MNU, but she’s definitely the most popular.

Her fellow students say they feel loved by her, and that she feels like "a grandma away from home." That's why they decided to give back to their favorite classmate by crowning her as "Homecoming Granny" at the school's homecoming ceremony over the weekend. Granny Franny got a standing ovation from everyone at the ceremony. (Via WTICKTVX)

And don't worry, she had not one, not two, but three dates ask to accompany her to the homecoming festivities. (Via WFXT)

“What did I tell you, that you needed to get real girls, didn't I?”

"Yes, she did say that we need to get real girls that are potential wives." (Via WPMT)

Granny Franny is only enrolled at MNU for just this semester, but she says this is the happiest she’s been in years.

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