Woman: DeKalb Medical Center made me lose my leg

Nikosha Robertson before and after losing her leg.

Nikosha Robertson before and after losing her leg.

A woman is suing DeKalb Medical Center for allegedly failing to notify her of an infection, which ultimately led to the amputation of her leg.

Nikosha Robertson, 31, asked in the suit, filed this week in DeKalb County State Court, for a jury to decide how much she’s owed.

The hospital declined to comment because the case is pending.

Robertson went to the North Decatur Road campus on July 3, 2016, complaining of pain and swelling in her left foot, the suit says.

She had x-rays taken and was discharged that night. The x-ray report, apparently generated the next day, showed she had a bone infection, but no one told her, the suit alleges.

“Further, no one on behalf of the hospital ever called her and told her that she needed to return to the hospital as soon as possible, despite the danger of the infection spreading...,” attorney Lloyd Hoffspiegal wrote in the complaint.

Robertson subsequently had several toes and her leg amputated above the knee.

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