Watch our tour inside the Wienermobile when it visited metro Atlanta

About the time Franklin Delano Roosevelt started his second of four terms, the first Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was built.

Since then it’s been creating smiles, and hopefully no accidents, across America.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution caught up with the drivers of one such faux-edible automobile that rolled through Smyrna this week.

“Jumbo Dog” John Craft and “Spicy Mayo” Mayra Martinez have been driving an average of 500 miles per week over the last 11 months as “hotdogger” employees of Kraft Heinz.

And John isn't stingy with the hot dog and bun puns. You can watch him be punny below on our Facebook Live we streamed for viewers to ask questions of John and Mayra.

Craft is from Marshallville — population 1,448 — in Macon County and says he's the first University of Georgia graduate to drive the Wienermobile. There are 10 other "hotdogs" traversing the country this year.

When he’s done with the program in a month, the 24-year-old plans to move in with his sister at her Smyrna apartment and look for work.

While training to drive the vehicle in Madison, Wisconsin, he may have met the future Mrs. Jumbo Dog. His now-girlfriend has been driving around the country in a Planters NUTmobile, as Planters is also owned by Kraft Heinz.

Once 23-year-old Martinez departs the big dog on wheels, the Texas native has plans to get her MBA.

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The vehicle has a Chevrolet W4 series chassis along with a V-8, 6-liter engine. It is 27 feet (60 hot dogs) long,  eight feet (18 hot dogs) wide and 11 feet (24 hot dogs) tall.

The six-seater plays the iconic jingle and has a back-up camera.

If you want to know more about the Wienermobile, including how drivers are trained, what the hot dogs are made of and what it's like managing traffic in a hot dog-shaped vehicle, watch the Facebook Live.

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