The Vent for Saturday

My dog saved me this afternoon. We had gone for a walk by the river and I was going to sit down on a rock. Brownie nipped at me to get away from the rock and then attacked a snake that was on the rock. My husband said it was a rattlesnake and killed it. I’m glad neither Brownie or I were bit.

Our children always tried stupid things when they were teens. We taught them what was expected of them and demanded they they do it. We weren’t mean just firm. They ended up being everything we hoped they would be and we are very,very proud of them.

I am sorry, but my pets ARE my fur babies and a part of my family! How can talking about something you love that much be offensive? Don’t be so judgmental!

I can remember my Mother ironing our sheets, towels and t-shirts. There is no way I would do that.

Then be offended because I love my dog as if he were my own son.

Forget taking the door off—- change the locks on the front & back doors works too.(you can come back in with a brand new attitude).

Hey Kasim, my grandson was so excited to meet the mayor of Norcross. I don’t appreciate the happiness of the baby carriage before the marriage. Our precious innocent children think anything goes with especially the rich and public officials. I would have kept the baby a secret!

It is so funny that I use to have to force our teenage boys to take a shower. Now I’m having to do the same thing to my husband since he has retired.

I’m sorry Mr. Pothole, I didn’t mean to get personal. Just curious.

Once you scroll to the bottom and think that was negative, now let me switch to the unvent for some positivity, and realize that is where you are….disheartening.

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