Police reports, 911 calls reveal trouble at LeSean McCoy's Milton home

Credit: Brett Carlsen

Credit: Brett Carlsen

Just minutes after she was the victim of a home invasion, Delicia Cordon began to speculate that her ex-boyfriend, Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy, was behind the attack.

And a year ago, McCoy, 30, told Milton police he was concerned his ex-girlfriend might “make false accusations” about him.

Police reports and public records released Thursday show turmoil at the home dating back to July 2017.

Cordon, 34, was assaulted in a home invasion at the NFL star’s home on Hickory Pass early Tuesday morning. Cordon was treated at a hospital for injuries to her arm, head and face.

An unknown Instagram user claiming to be a friend of Cordon’s posted a photo of her cut, bruised and bloodied face with a message accusing McCoy of domestic violence, child abuse, animal abuse and taking performance-enhancing drugs. The post was later deleted, and McCoy denied those claims adamantly on his own social media accounts. An attorney for the running back said he was in Miami during the home invasion.

Police continue to investigate the Tuesday home invasion, but through an open-records request, Channel 2 Action News and the AJC acquired the 911 call Cordon made to a dispatcher around 3:18 a.m. that morning.

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She tells the dispatcher that a black man wearing a mask and black clothing hit her in the face with a gun, took her jewelry and cash and made her go into the bathroom before he fled the scene. Cordon said he was “a little guy.”

The dispatch log from the Alpharetta police department shows that Cordon said her son’s window was open and a tied sheet was hanging out the window “like someone went out from the second floor.” Cordon later made contact with her 16-year-old son, who wasn’t home during the invasion and got a ride home in an Uber.

“My face is demolished,” Cordon tells the dispatcher. “I’m bleeding everywhere.”

Names and addresses are redacted from the call, but Cordon started to think that McCoy may have been responsible for the assault.

“I have cameras all outside my house,” Cordon says. “And my boyfriend, who I feel like did this, who set me up, is going to… (unintelligible).”

The dispatch log says, “caller possibly thinks her ex-boyfriend possibly set her up.”

Tuesday was not the first time the Milton Police Department had responded to McCoy’s five-bedroom brown brick home. Past police reports show Cordon and McCoy have a documented history of disputes.

McCoy and Cordon have lived in the home in Milton since October 2016. Three times since then, excluding Tuesday’s home invasion, police were called to the home for domestic disputes, reports show. Court records show that McCoy has twice attempted to evict Cordon from the home.

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The first time police were called to the home was on July 3, 2017, around 6:24 p.m. When police arrived, Cordon was not there, and McCoy was standing in the driveway with a “large mound” of clothes and personal items nearby that were his. The same day, McCoy filed to have Cordon evicted. Several of McCoy’s friends were also at the home.

According to the report, McCoy called police and told them they were “having issues” and had broken up. McCoy told police that Cordon had followed him to Las Vegas and accused him of cheating. McCoy told police that jewelers often loan he and Cordon jewelry to wear to various events, but Cordon had not returned the jewelry, even though he asked her multiple time to do so.

Tanya Mitchell Graham, an attorney for Cordon, said Tuesday that the intruder in the home invasion demanded “specific items of jewelry” from Cordon that McCoy had gifted to her.

McCoy told police, according to the July 2017 report, that Cordon may try to take things from him or “make false accusations” about him. He told police he “was trying to be very careful” about being around Cordon because of the “climate of domestic abuse” in the NFL.

According to the report, police advised McCoy that he couldn’t keep Cordon out of the home without going through the eviction process and if he is worried, then he should “put away any valuables” and “stay away” from Cordon.

Cordon returned to the home while police were there. She told them that she and McCoy were going through a break-up and their relationship “is over” but she would stay at the residence. Neither McCoy or Cordon made accusations about physical abuse, police said.

Police arrested Cordon after the situation was resolved because she had a warrant for her arrest in Atlanta for failing to appear in court on a traffic charge.

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The second time police were called to the home was on April 11 of this year, just before noon. A dispatcher told the responding police officer that the callers “had everything worked out” but it sounded “a little heated” over the phone. Cordon was the one who called police, according to the report.

McCoy and Cordon separately told police that they “had everything worked out” and at no time did the argument become physical. Cordon said she called 911 because McCoy was moving furniture out of the home that she wanted to keep.

Police responded to the home a third time just last month, on June 1 at 9:50 a.m. Cordon, who was in Virginia attending her sister’s graduation, called police when she observed people remove things from the home via a doorbell camera she could watch from her cell phone.

She told police that no one was supposed to be at the home. When police arrived, according to the report, there were several people removing bags and furniture from the home. Police spoke with Daphne McCoy, LeSean’s mother, who said that McCoy had asked her to go there and collect his things.

McCoy’s mother told police that he was moving out of the home and wanted her to get his things so that “he did not have to deal with Delicia.” McCoy’s mother told police that he said Cordon could stay in the house until it was sold since she has two small children, “but he wanted his things,” according to the report.

Although McCoy’s mother said that he paid for everything inside the home, police told her that anything that was communal property could not be taken from the home, and anything that wasn’t McCoy’s clothes or personal items had to go back inside. Police told McCoy’s mother that because he and Cordon shared the home, they would have to go to civil court to divide the items and prove what McCoy did and didn’t pay for. According to the report, police spoke with McCoy on the phone and explained the situation.

Graham, Cordon’s attorney, claims McCoy had the surveillance cameras removed from the home on June 1 and terminated the service provider.

On June 6, Tamarcus “TJ” Porter, a University of Pittsburgh football teammate of McCoy’s, filed an eviction notice for Cordon on McCoy’s behalf. The hearing for that eviction was set for July 10, the day of the home invasion. It has since been granted a continuance and the new court date is set for Aug. 14.

McCoy’s Atlanta-based attorney, Don Samuel, has not yet commented on the incident. The AJC left a message with his assistant Thursday.

Thursday is McCoy’s birthday. The nine-year NFL veteran has not commented on the home invasion or allegations against him aside from his brief social media post on Tuesday. The NFL and the Buffalo Bills have also not commented further.

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