Georgia mom says 6th grade bully slammed her son’s head 6 times

A local mother says she had to rush her son to the hospital. She says someone at his middle school slammed his head repeatedly on a table. She says her previous complaints to the school have gone unheard.

After a middle school student allegedly slammed her son’s head repeatedly on a table, a local mother said she was called to take him to the hospital.

Sherika Jester told Channel 2 Action News she got a call to come quickly to Stockbridge Middle School, where her son had just had his head slammed into a table by another student.

“I didn’t know how to feel,” Jester told the station. “Then, when I got in the car it just really hit me and I started crying.”

Jester told Channel 2 her 12-year-old son, Quandarius Phillips, has been the target of bullies ever since he started attending the middle school — and the bullies just keep getting away with it.

She said the incident on Friday crossed the line when another student allegedly banged the sixth grader’s head onto a table six times.

“I was like dazed and I couldn’t hardly stand,” Phillips told Channel 2. “My eyes were just closed.”

Jester believes other parents should speak up, because her son isn’t the only one affected.

Henry County Schools declined to speak to Channel 2 about this case, specifically, but the district said it takes bullying seriously and officials encourage students to report incidents.

Jester told Channel 2 the fact that a teacher was present during the alleged assault is one of her biggest concerns.

“After it was over with, that’s when the teacher came over,” Jester said.

Jester told the station she’s considering pressing charges.