Cherokee superintendent announces retirement plans

An arrival and a pending departure marked Thursday night’s Cherokee County Board of Education meeting.

After 17 years, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Frank Petruzielo announced that he was retiring. Petruzielo gave the board a departure date of Feb. 1, 2016, about seven months prior to the expiration of his current employment contract on Aug. 19. Petruzielo said that with long-range plans governing facilities, technology and district strategy in place, a good window of opportunity to depart presented itself.

Petruzielo thanked current and prior school board members, teachers, administration and others associated with the district for their work and asserted that Cherokee has become one of the top districts in the state after teetering on the edge of losing accreditation 17 years ago.

Also at Thursday night’s meeting, the board appointed longtime acountant and school volunteer Kelly Poole as District 1 board member. The seat was vacated when Kyle Cromer was appointed board chair.