Charges reduced against owner of dogs that killed Atlanta 6-year-old

Charges against the owner of dogs that last month attacked two southwest Atlanta children — killing one — were reduced on Wednesday, just an hour before the Atlanta City Council held a work session to focus on animal control regulations.

Cameron Tucker, who was initially charged with a felony in the death of Logan Braatz, 6, had his charges reduced to misdemeanor manslaughter during his court appearance around noon Wednesday.

Braatz and Syrai Sanders, 5, were attacked by the dogs on Cerro Street on Jan. 18. Sanders was hospitalized with serious injuries. Authorities said Braatz was walking to his school bus stop when the attack occurred.

David Duncan, an officer on the scene of the attack, told the court he shot one of the dogs after it appeared to grow defensive, according to a Channel 2 Action News report.

“The dog began to leave the porch,” Duncan said. “We still were waiting for Animal Control to come and restrain the dog. The dog was moving towards myself out of fear for my safety and the safety of those around me, I shot the dog.”