Fugitive accused of molesting neighbor’s 6-year-old arrested in Indiana

Raymond Dean Holley

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Raymond Dean Holley

A Hapeville man wanted since last year for allegedly sexually assaulting his neighbor’s 6-year-old daughter was arrested in Indiana, police said.

Raymond Dean Holley was taken into custody by the U.S. Marshals Service at a relative’s home in Fort Wayne on Wednesday afternoon. Police discovered he was there after Holley applied for an Indiana driver’s license, Hapeville police Lt. William Hughes said.

Using social media, investigators identified Holley’s family members living in Indiana and found him staying there.

Authorities had been searching for Holley since April 3, 2018, two days after he allegedly molested a neighbor’s daughter inside his apartment while babysitting. The girl and her 3-year-old cousin were in the care of their grandmother when they asked to go to Holley’s and watch a movie, police said previously.

The grandmother said she couldn’t keep a close watch on the children since she was also watching her 2-year-old twin grandsons. Later that evening, the girl’s mother came home and asked the grandmother where the children were.

She went to Holley’s apartment and he told her the children were in his bedroom sleeping, according to the police report. When asked why the children were wearing white T-shirts instead of their clothes, Holley told her they wet their clothes and he hung them up to dry, the mother told police.

The woman took the children and left the apartment, returning later with police after her 6-year-old told her that Holley “kept trying to hug me, lifted up my shirt and touched me down there,” according to the report.

A drunken Holley was taken in for questioning about the alleged molestation, Hapeville police said previously. But he was released when investigators determined he was too drunk to be interviewed.

Police rescheduled, but Holley never showed. When detectives returned to his apartment, he’d already left town. Another neighbor told police that Holley said he was moving to Montana.

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Holley is charged with two counts each of child molestation and false imprisonment.

Hapeville police are working with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office to extradite him to Georgia, Hughes said.

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