Douglas County man gets life for killing ex-girlfriend who dated wife

A jealous man was sentenced to life without parole for killing his ex-girlfriend after she took up with his estranged wife, the Douglas County district attorney announced Tuesday.

Raymond McKoy was convicted Thursday of murdering Lauren Hudson in June 2013 after seeing a photograph on Instagram of her with his wife, Tameka, prosecutors said.

McKoy saw the picture while drinking at a party and showed up at his wife’s apartment when she and Hudson were arriving home, said David Emadi, assistant district attorney.

McKoy “confronted his wife about the photo he had seen and demanded his family back,” said Emadi, who indicated the couple had children. “Tameka told him multiple times to leave and to go to the new family he had built with a woman he was having an extramarital affair with.”

“When Tameka told the defendant a final time to leave, he snapped and went into the room where Lauren was at and shot her four times. The fatal shot was an execution style shot to the back of her head,” the prosecutor said.

A police dog later tracked McKoy in woods where he was hiding with a butcher knife, Emadi said.

McKoy contended he shot Hudson in self-defense even though he testified he wasn’t sure if she had a gun. The jury took 66 minutes to convict him of murder, Emadi said.