Cobb jury convicts man of felony murder in drug deal gone bad

A Cobb County jury has convicted a man of murder in what prosecutors say was a drug deal gone bad, with a twist.

Nehemiah "Miami" Anglin, 21, was convicted Monday of felony murder and felony drug possession in the death of Damion Wright, 26. Wright was shot once in the chest with his own .40-caliber handgun on March 27, 2014.

Wright had agreed to sell three ounces of marijuana, Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds said in a news release, but pulled a gun on the buyers and tried to rob them during the deal inside his car on Cunningham Road. They struggled, then Wright got out of his car and was retreating when he was shot, Reynolds said.

But the bag of marijuana was left at the scene, prosecutors said, and Anglin’s fingerprint was found on the bag. Anglin and a co-defendant, Daniel Squires, were identified as members of the Bloods gang.

“This case couldn’t be a better example of a drug deal gone bad,” assistant district attorney Marc Cella said in an emailed statement. “But there’s a twist, with the $1,000 bag of marijuana left at the scene.” Gang members, he said, “are more concerned with their code of violence than the drugs. They confront violence with violence.”

Anglin, who was arrested in Miami about a month after the murder, is to be sentenced Friday morning. He faces a mandatory life sentence on the felony murder conviction.

Anglin was acquitted of malice murder, aggravated assault and firearms possession charges.