Scores fall at two Henry County restaurants

Two Henry County restaurants will need additional health inspections after numerous violations during recent reviews.

Outback Steakhouse in Stockbridge and Three Dollar Café in McDonough each scored a 70/C.

At Outback, multiple foods in two coolers were out of the temperature range, including pork ribs, beef, pasta and cheese. In addition, a cooked steak was placed on top of a raw steak in the meat cabinet, causing potential contamination.

Cleaning of equipment and utensils was not frequent enough to prevent a build-up of food debris, the inspector said.

At Three Dollar Café, multiple pre-made foods were not date-marked for disposal. In addition, fish was thawing incorrectly outside of refrigeration, and chicken tenders and wings under a heat lamp were not at safe temperatures.

Outback Steakhouse, 200 North Park Place, Stockbridge, had a previous score of 90/A, earned in January. Three Dollar Café, 1000 Regency Plaza, McDonough, scored an 82/B in January.