Coolers need repairs at Kiku Japanese in Fayetteville

During a routine inspection at Kiku Japanese Restaurant in Fayetteville, the coolers were not working correctly and multiple foods were at unsafe temperatures and risk of contamination.

The beef, scallops, rice, sauces and other items in the walk-in cooler were discarded.

Also, the dishwasher was not dispensing sanitizer and the ice machine had mold and mildew inside.

Kiku Japanese voluntarily closed until the equipment could be repaired.

Among other violations, employees handled raw meat with their gloved hands, switched to vegetables and worked with other equipment without removing their gloves or washing their hands.

The rice prepared 24 hours ago was not date marked or cooled adequately. The restaurant was cooling large quantities of rice inside closed containers and storing them overnight in the cooler.

Containers of lettuce and bags of carrots were stored on the floor, and service utensils were in standing water between uses.

Kiku Japanese Restaurant, 190 Pavilion Parkway, scored 46/U, down from a 71/C in January. There will be a follow-up inspection once repairs are made.